Building Permit Process Information

Municipal Building Permit process processes building permit applications and issues building permit to construct within the given municipal boundary.


Contains all the Building Permit Application Forms to be filled by the applicant (house owner) to apply for building permit.


See all the building permit related documents required to be submitted along with the application form.


List of all registered designers that has been registered in LMC and has liscence from Engineering Council..


List of mason trained by DUDBC / NEST and other related organizations for earthquake resistance building.


Navigate the google map to locate the way to the municipal head office and the wards offices.

Designer List
# Photo Designer Detail
16 Scanned at 9-25-2016 13-08 PM.jpg Name : Anjan Raj Shrestha
Mun. Reg. No : 650
Council No : 210
Contact No :
Address : lalitpur w.no23dhapakhel
17 Scanned at 8-24-2018 12-22 PM.jpg Name : Anjana Tuladhar
Mun. Reg. No : 763
Council No : 1693
Contact No :
Address : Lalitpur w.no22 Bungamati
18 Scanned at 8-4-2017 12-01 PM.jpg Name : Anjila Tamrakar
Mun. Reg. No : 392
Council No : 523
Contact No : 5004020
Address : satdobato
19 Scanned at 12-31-2018 11-28 AM.jpg Name : Anoj Khatiwada
Mun. Reg. No : 785
Council No : 10915
Contact No :
Address : Biratnagar
20 Scanned at 12-20-2019 12-23 PM.jpg Name : Anuj Shrestha
Mun. Reg. No : 832
Council No : 11452
Contact No :
Address : kathmandu w,no,32 jadibuti

Contact Address

LSMC E-BPS Project
Lalitpur City Office
Lalitpur, Nepal

Welcome To E-BPS

E-BPS is an application software system which has been developed to assist municipalities to improve their current building permit process. It does this by ensuring the effective compliance of the NBC and BBL in urban regions, thus promoting safe building practices and planned urban development for the entire nation. UNDP has currently planned to implement E-BPS in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) and Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City (LSMC).